LaBeouf Burger next?

It was sounding more and more like kid superstar Shia LaBeouf would follow TRANSFORMERS 2 by reuniting with his DISTURBIA and EAGLE EYE director DJ Caruso for the adaptation of the post-apocalyptic epic comic series Y: THE LAST MAN.

But now it seems like Young Beefy might be having a big brain instead. Coming Soon talked to director Neil Burger (THE ILLUSIONIST), who says he'll work together with Shia this winter on DARK FIELDS.

The Universal sci-fi thriller, based on the Alan Glynn novel (and adapted by Leslie Dixon of HAIRSPRAY and the needless remake of Hitchcock's THE BIRDS), involves a guy who gets addicted to a designer drug described as "Viagra for the brain". But while it makes him smarter, faster and more charming, negative side effects develop and he beings to investigate the frightening origins of the drug (spoiler: it's the milk of Spielberg!).

Burger's post-Iraq War dramedy THE LUCKY ONES opens next week. Shia is still working with giant robots (to be added in post).

Extra Tidbit: Burger also directed the admirable conspiracy faux-documentary INTERVIEW WITH THE ASSASSIN.
Source: Coming Soon



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