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Yeah, there were ramblings that Michael Bay might be writing TRANSFORMERS 2, but you didn't really believe them did you? After the strike of doom, he has gotten his crack team of Ehren Kruger, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci back, and, well: "They did a detailed outline before the writer's strike, and now they are in Michael Bay jail, holed up in a hotel and working feverishly... We're paying for a beautiful suite and they are getting a lot of work done. Hiring three writers was unusual, but it has been a godsend in getting us to where we need to be. Somehow you find a way to get it done." So if you liked the first one, good news all round. If you didn't? Well I guess you came here looking for me to tell you that the 'Latest on TF2' was that Jim Cameron had taken over the project or something. Unfortunately I can't do that. I can do this, though:

Hopefully that makes us even?
Extra Tidbit: The rest of the article from Variety discusses the state of a bunch of other projects that are still in limbo.
Source: Variety



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