Legendary eyes Hendrix

Jimi pulls the strings...

"Legendary" is easily one of the most appropriate words to describe Jimi Hendrix, and thus might prove the key to finally mounting a bio pic on the singer.

Legendary Pictures has been in "loose" discussions for a while to succeed where many have failed before: convince the Hendrix estate to release them the rights for feature film account of the guitar great's life.

The production shingle has now tapped rookie scribe Max Borenstein for script duties with a new strategy in mind: mounting the project up until they're ready to film and THEN present their case to obtain rights. Risky but logical: better to demonstrate what they have in mind then vaguely promise it'll be good.

No words yet on possible director and casting, but previous ill-fated attempts had names like Tarantino, Lenny Kravitz and Andre Benjamin rumored or attached. My two cents: True Blood's Mehcad Brooks (AKA Eggs). Other suggestions?

Extra Tidbit: Legend has it Hendrix lacked the money to buy his first new guitar, and so bought a second hand left-handed Fender. He then learned to play the guitar upside-down with reversed string.
Source: Variety



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