Let Me In site wants you to figure out morse code to get into special event at Comic-Con

LET ME IN is doing something nice for the potential viewers of their film.

If you head on over to helpme.net, a chalk morse code begins a hidden message. If you figure out the message and are heading to Comic-Con, then a special reward is in it for you.

What's the reward you might ask? You will be on the invite list to a special event for the film at Con. I wonder what that "special event" entails...perhaps a screening of the film for those who attend? Maybe Chloe Moretz will show up?

Of course I cheated and used Google to access a morse code translator, but maybe you happen to know morse code off the top of your head...

Click on the picture to access the site.

Extra Tidbit: I'm really hoping that the score for this is as good as the one for LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.
Source: JoBlo.com



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