Lookout/Tears trailers

If having just seen the the new one-sheet for OUT OF SIGHT script shaman Scott Frank's directorial debut, THE LOOKOUT, got you hot and bothered for some of that sweet motion, then look no further than Yahoo, because they have an exclusive look at the film's TRAILER. The spot is just this side of so-so but Joseph Gordon-Levitt after his performances in BRICK and MYSTERIOUS SKIN plus Jeff Daniels being Jeff Daniels plus Isla Ficher equals f*ck yes. The film opens opens March 23rd. To read more about it, click the link to the poster above.

Now HERE is somewhere I demand you go, because the trailer on the other end of that link is a beautiful sample of a Thai movie that repros the look of a 50's era Western to surrealist effect and then, when the action heats up, becomes something even more astral. It's called TEARS OF THE BLACK TIGER, and it reminds me a bit of some of Seijun Suzuki's movies, particularly PISTOL OPERA, which was actually made after TEARS. Although I just heard about it pretty recently, the movie was made way back in 2000 and has since screened in the US only at a few festivals. Come this Friday, though, it starts rolling out in a limited release. They have a nice sum-up of the release schedule thus far for the movie at CHUD. Make sure you take a look at it because the select cities to which TEARS is coming are not necessarily the usual suspects. If you've somehow already seen it, tell us about it in the Strike Back below.

Extra Tidbit: Scott Frank wrote for "The Wonder Years". He was also thanked in the credits of P.T. Anderson's debut feature film SYDNEY (also known as HARD EIGHT).



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