Lust, Caution poster & trailer

You wouldn't expect Ang Lee to follow up the groundbreaking success he had with BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN with a Chinese-language espionage thriller, but since when have his choices been predicatble? He went from CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON to HULK to BROKEBACK, so....

We've been hit with one-sheet for that very Chinese-language film mentioned earlier LUST, CAUTION which stars Chinese megastar Tony Leung as an intelligence chief in WWII-era Shanghai, who is seduced by a student (newcomer Tang Wei, featured in the poster) that tries to arrange his assasination. The poster's noirish feel has certain shades of Wong Kar Wai, who recently shot his first English-language movie, MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS. Looks like Ang and Wong are doin' a little swappin'. LUST, CAUTION hits theatres in limited on September 28. Oh, and for those of you that aren't into the whole 'movie poster' thing and need some movement in your movie advertising, the film's trailer can be found BELOW.

Extra Tidbit: Lee is the only Asian director to ever win a Best Director Oscar.
Source: CinematicalYoutube



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