Machine Gun Preacher with Gerard Butler gets start date and more cast

Gerard Butler will be a MACHINE GUN PREACHER.

It's the true story of Sam Childers, a dirty drug dealing biker who finds God and goes on a mission of his own crusading for children that have been kidnapped and forced to become sex slaves or soldiers.

Lionsgate finally decided to pick up the film and will start shooting this summer.

There are also some additions to the cast. Michelle Monaghan has signed on to play Childers' wife Lynn, who battled her own demons then cleaned up while her husband was in the slammer. She struggles to keep the family together at their home in Detroit while Sam is Africa establishing an orphanage housing 300 children. He had to stay there in order to protect the children from getting kidnapped by rebels under the command of Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army.

Another possible co-star could be Michael Shannon, who is currently in talks to play a close friend of Childers' that stays with his wife while he is away in Africa. Shannon's character is pivotal to the plot of the story.

Lemme guess...The friend is sticking the wife while his buddy is away, "We thought you were dead".

It's not another rom-com for Gerard, so I'll see it.

Extra Tidbit: To check out an interview with the real Sam Childers, head on over here.
Source: Deadline



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