Macy gets a room

If William H. Macy isn’t one of your favourite actors, then you haven’t seen FARGO. After a performance like that, aberrations like WILD HOGS don’t even matter anymore. Dude’s gotta get paid, right? Felicity needs herself some new diamond earrings!

Macy has just joined the cast for BART GOT A ROOM, an indie comedy starring newcomer Steve Kaplan as a teen living in retirement town Hollywood, Florida, and coping with his parents' divorce while seeking love himself. His best friend will be played by Alia Shawkat, who played Maeby on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Macy will play the father, and the mother will be played by Cheryl Hines, Larry David’s wife on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.

I don’t know about this Kaplan character, but the other three actors involved in this project have all proven themselves to me, which, you know, isn’t easy. This will be the directorial debut of a man named Brian Hecker, and I truly, truly hope that one day, someone will write those very words in reference to me.

Extra Tidbit: William H. Macy can play the ukelele.
Source: Cinematical



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