Madonna documenting a royal affair in W.E.

Since Lady Gaga is currently more or less our new Madonna, it appears the old Madonna has gotten a bit bored being in the tabloids because of her penchant for fighting with Guy Ritchie or (allegedly) stealing babies from Africa.

Madonna will direct W.E., a biopic of King Edward VIII who had to abdicate the throne of England when he decided to marry his divorced secret lover, Wallis Simpson. For those of you unfamiliar with the history of English monarchs, this scandal took place in the 1930s, so you won’t be seeing any “Tudors”-era costuming here.

Vera Farmiga of UP IN THE AIR is already attached to the project to play Simpsons, though no word yet on who Edward himself will be. Madonna is writing the script with Alex Keshishian. If writing/directing a film seems odd for Madonna, this is actually her second effort after FILTH AND WISDOM which premiered in Berlin in 2008.

Extra Tidbit: Yeah, I doubt I'm going to roll with CAST THIS: King Edward VIII this week.
Source: Variety



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