Maggie Q is the nouveau La Femme Nikita

We don't generally cover a lot of TV shows around here, but this one actually started out as a movie. Plus it stars exotic dish Maggie Q.

After smacking around various humans in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3, LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD and the upcoming KING OF FIGHTERS and PRIEST, Ms. Q (aka Maggie Denise Quigley) will do it on a weekly basis in CW's planned reboot of LA FEMME NIKITA.

This marks the fourth variation of the tale, after Luc Besson's 1990 original, the Bridget Fonda remake POINT OF NO RETURN, and the Peta Wilson-starring five-season USA series. CW's "Nikita" will feature Maggie as a new Nikita being trained to replace the original one after she goes rogue.

Q is clearly quite comfortable in action -- she started her career in Hong Kong features like GEN-Y COPS (featuring a blond Paul Rudd!), the Sammo Hung/Michael Biehn shoot-em-up DRAGON SQUAD, and the awesomely terrible NAKED WEAPON.

Extra Tidbit: DRAGON SQUAD was executive produced by Steven Seagal.
Source: THR



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