Major TDK spoilers

Sure, I don't have to crouch in a bunker or run down the Gaza strip for a story, working for JoBlo.com, but god damn it I have to read stuff like THIS, which effectively spoils huge portions of THE DARK KNIGHT for me. This is a huge deal for me. But anyway it's done now, so let's move on to the story.

Obviously, stop reading RIGHT NOW if you don't want the BATMAN BEGINS sequel to be SPOILED for you. These spoilers are pretty major, so heed my warning.

Still here? Right, well here are the corkers:

“Harvey Dent reveals himself to be Batman at a wild press conference at Superior Court Dent...

At Wayne Enterprises, a new character named Reese (played by Joshua Harto) tries to blackmail Lucius Fox using Batman’s identity...

A fake Batman hangs from the flagpole outside City Hall.”

So allegedly, Dent pretends to be Bats and some dude figures out his real identity and tries to use the knowledge to bribe Fox? Erghh I still wish I hadn't read any of this.

As I said, read THIS for the full list of spoilers.
Source: /Film



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