Malkovich joins Jolie

Clint Eastwood's next endeavor, THE CHANGELING (not a remake) has gained John Malkovich, Jeffrey Donovan and Colm Feore. The story follows a woman (Jolie) whose son goes missing in 1920s Los Angeles. The police return the wrong child and the woman is thrown into an insane asylum for disagreeing with the LAPD. When it seems that her real son has been murdered by a child serial killer and the child returned admits to fraud, she takes her case to the city council and takes down the mayor, the police chief and several corrupt officers, concurrently sparking changes in the insanity legislation. Donovan will be playing a police captain, Feore the chief of police and Malkovich a slightly crazy reverend. Normally I would say that joining a cast that already boasts Angelina Jolie is the movie equivalent of when Horace Grant would sink a jumper for the 91-92 Bulls: Jordan was gonna win the game anyway, the deuce was just a bonus. But it would be unfair to say someone as talented or badass as Malkovich was just a bonus. This one is building up nicely, hmm?
Extra Tidbit: Okay, I added the 'slightly crazy' part, but you see it happening, right?



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