Mandalay wants fire breathing dragon girls to be the next vampires

As the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises draw sadly and mercifully to a close respectively, something has to step in and be the next big for people to go nuts over. If wizards and vampires and werewolves go out of style, and Percy Jackson and his Olympians didn't catch on, what are our other options?

How about DRAGON PEOPLE?! Oh God...

Mandalay Pictures has just picked up the rights for Firelight, a trilogy from author Sophie Jordan that revolves around the Draki, a race that claims dragons as their ancestors. Mmmkaayy.

The story follows twin teenage sisters, the descendants of dragons who live in secret with their endangered pride. When their mother learns that the pride has a dark plan for one of the girls who possesses the rare talent of fire breathing, she spirits the twins away to live a normal life among humans.

There are actually two other films named FIRELIGHT over the years, one is a period piece starring Sophie Marceau, the other was a sci-fi film directed by Stephen Spielberg when he was 16 with a $500 budget. He made one dollar in profit. Needless to say, none of these have to do with dragons, and this FIRELIGHT will stand alone and try to squeeze out a trilogy by generating enough interest. Are YOU down for dragon girls?

Extra Tidbit: Hey at least it's TRYING to be original. Can't keep recycling haunted house monsters forever.
Source: Variety



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