Mark Millar's next after Kick-Ass is a Scottish superhero flick

After KICK-ASS hopefully proves its worth in a month or so, what’s next for its creator? Talking to STV, Mark Millar revealed what he wants his next project to be, and it appears he’s not straying too far from his present genre.

"I saw District 9, the South-African alien movie. I thought that that was quite interesting to see something that people don't associate with South Africa, which is alien invasions, to juxtapose two things and make something quite interesting and quite odd, and I thought wouldn't it be cool to do a superhero movie in Scotland.

Not a cheesy BBC Scotland comedy kind of thing, but to make it cool, as cool as X-Men 2 was or whatever. Not costumes and that kind of stuff, a 21st century Trainspotting kind of thing about people with superpowers and make it epic, make it big and grand in scope, try and do something that's unexpected."

I’m not exactly sure how you get from an alien movie in South Africa to a superhero movie in Scotland but sure. I mean, for the most part you barely see superhero movies set anywhere besides the U.S (I’d say PUSH is the most notable exception), but Scotland sounds nice, and it is Millar’s native homeland.

It appears Millar wants to make this a solo project, he wants to use all Scottish actors and start shooting this summer. I’m all for TRAINSPOTTING plus superheroes, and I’m curious to hear more about this untitled adventure.

Extra Tidbit: Get Kevin McKidd! And Gerard Butler! And James McAvoy! And Sean Connery! And uhh...that's all the Scots I've got for now.
Source: STV



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