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Matthew Vaughn is back on to direct X-Men: First Class?


Heat Vision, you've been Vaughned.

Last Friday, we ran an article about Fox's wish list for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS directors. Heat Vision reported that Matthew Vaughn had passed to take on another project.

Well guess what? The shit's back on. Matthew Vaughn is currently in negotiations to direct X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. Seriously, it's happening right now apparently.

Vaughn did originally decline, but decided to jump back in this morning. Tell that man to sign those papers!

I'm down for this. Vaughn has proven to be a great director thus far, with LAYER CAKE, STARDUST, and of course KICK-ASS.

Looks like Vaughn will be taking on the Marvel universe after all. X-MEN has hope again!

Extra Tidbit: Okay, it has hope as long as the script isn't shitty. Let Vaughn in on that too! (Is it noticeable that I really like Vaughn? My bad.)
Source: Deadline



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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