McAdams likes Knight?

Rachel McAdams Last week, we gave you an update on THE DARK KNIGHT in which we mentioned that Scientology Hive Mother and Tom Cruise Dungeon Concubine Katie Holmes hadn't been approved of long enough Outside Cage Time to reprise her role as assistant DA Rachel Dawes. So with the race to replace the Thetan Collective Mother now officially on, scooper extraordinaire Shannon recently alerted us to a post over at Batman supersite Batman-on-Film in which they mention that Rachel McAdams may be the frontrunner for the role, though she may decline as the role apparently amounts to little more than a glorified cameo at the beginning of the film and after WEDDING CRASHERS, McAdams doesn't degrade herself with stupid little cameos. This is sure to be the first of a few hundred rumors about casting and we'll be sure to bring you each and every one for you to mull over. THE DARK KNIGHT opens July 18th, 2008.

Extra Tidbit: McAdams was at one time a competitive figure skater.
Source: Batman-on-Film



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