Melissa's Triangle

Melissa George Tasty Australian sexpot Melissa George is just about ready to sign on the dotted line to star in the supernatural thriller TRIANGLE. The Christopher Smith directed film revolves around the passengers of a yachting trip who experience mysterious weather and make a bee line for another ship. What they don't know is that said ship has all kinds of freaky deaky shit going on. George will play a woman with Multiple Personality Disorder who uses her personalities to cope with the experience. She also uses her nakedness to cope with her repulsion of clothes. Shooting is scheduled to begin in April in Australia. She was most recently in the bad ass vampire thriller 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and can currently be seen seducing the hell out of Gabriel Byrne, who happens to be her psychiatrist, in the HBO drama "In Treatment".

Melissa George

Extra Tidbit: George dropped out of high school at 16. And look where she is now? Let that be a lesson to all you kids.



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