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It’s about time Jack Bauer got his own movie to headline. And it’s even more about time Kiefer Sutherland isn’t playing a federal agent anymore, since his character in THE SENTINEL was a less-badass and interesting version of Jack Bauer in a suit. The MIRRORS website is now live with a teaser trailer debuting later tonight, which you can check out HERE. The film was directed by Alexander Aja and stars Sutherland as the head of security for a department store plagued by unexplained deaths. I’ll let Wikipedia take it from here: “The store is also the target of demonstrators wanting compensation for an earlier staff fire tragedy. The man becomes intrigued by a disturbed woman. She claims her sister, who died in the fire, is exacting revenge, using mirrors as a gateway back into the living world.” It’s nice to see Kiefer’s name top-lining a film, finally. He deserves it. The film opens August 15th and is rated R for for strong violence, disturbing images, language and wait for it…brief nudity.

Extra Tidbit: The film is a remake of a South Korean horror film.
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