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I haven't been the biggest supporter of Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN. The script was terrible and despite Rob's assertion that the script didn't reflect his project as a whole, I've heard from quite a few people I trust, the finished project isn't much better. But my feelings about HALLOWEEN don't mirror my feelings as Zombie as a director. I think the guy's loaded with potential and has great horror films inside of him; HALLOWEEN just wasn't one of them. I'm excited to see what he's got next and luckily he's signed a new contract with Dimension to bring us some more films. He just signed a two-picture deal with the studio where he would write and direct upcoming projects. No details on what those projects might be, but they're considered to be both original in concept as opposed to the HALLOWEEN remake. I'd actually like to see Dimension hook Rob up with a real talented co-writer to help him work on the execution of his ideas. I think, so far, that's where he could use a little help. Whether that will happen remains to be seen. Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN opens Friday in theaters.

Extra Tidbit: Zombie's "Great American Nightmare" serves as the theme song for The Howard Stern Show.
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