More on Farrelly's next

Yesterday, almost mentioned as a sidebar in a larger article about Sean Penn's involvement in THREE STOOGES, came news of what the Farrelly Brothers would be up to next. All that was mentioned really was that it would be a smaller comedy titled HALL PASS starring Owen Wilson. Today we have some more details on that film, which begins shooting next month.

In HALL PASS, Wilson will star as one half of a duo of married guys who are allowed one week of infidelity by their wives (presumably as a joke). They're obviously excited but realize quickly how difficult it is to play the bachelor role after years of marriage. Those feelings are further complicated when they find out their wives are looking for the same benefits. Right now, the Farrellys are in negotiations with "SNL" star Jason Sudeikis to play Wilson's buddy but need the appropriate clearance from Lorne Michaels and crew to make sure he'll be available.

The Farrellys co-wrote the script with Pete Jones and this will mark their first film with New Line since DUMB AND DUMBER hit the screens back in 1994.

Source: Variety



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