More Punisher drama

The whole PUNISHER: WAR ZONE kafuffle has taken another twist, as now everything is great! According to the film's cinematographer, Steve Gainer, all of that shit that we heard about this movie before was completely fallacious.

Lexi is not off the film... Lexi is still involved in the edit process... The film is not (nor could it ever be) PG-13... Today I saw a cut that ran 91 minutes... Lexi did in fact get married... When I hear vicious unfounded troll rumors like the "film was unwatchable" or "a total mess" it makes my blood boil... it's like saying a baby will be ugly before it is born, I can't freaking wait for this film to come out and prove the nay-sayers wrong.

Whatever. I'm not buying it. Lexi Alexander is like Anne freaking Heche. Is she in or out? This whole thing is a fiasco. They should have cast Thomas Jane as the lead from the get-go. After that they could have gotten Gob from Arrested Development to direct it, and a wild bear that Lionsgate found loose on their lot to do the promotion -- I'm pretty sure it would have ended up less of a farce than this.
Extra Tidbit: The Punisher is pretty bad ass for a couple of pages in Marvel's Civil War story.
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