More Red Dawn cast

WOLVERINES!! A new group of attractive young actors is answering the call to arms, preparing to defend the U.S. of A. from impending invasion in the remake of RED DAWN.

Joining Kirk's dad/future Thor Chris Hemsworth in the fight against filthy Commie scum are Adrienne Palicki ("Friday Night Lights") and Josh Peck ("Drake and Josh", THE WACKNESS), according to EW. They claim that the roles are the characters played by Jennifer Grey and Charlie Sheen in the original, which implies that the new version is more of a replica than just an update of the concept. So, who could possibly fill the pants of C. Thomas Howell? A truly frightening question.

The 1984 John Milius flick, perhaps the finest example of chest-thumping patriotic propaganda-as-entertainment, revolved around a group of Colorado teens who become guerrilla soldiers to battle an incursion by Russian and Cuban armies. It was the first PG-13 movie ever released (although the Matt Dillon flick THE FLAMINGO KID was actually the first to be issued the rating by the MPAA).

The remake is the feature debut of longtime stuntman/second unit director Dan Bradley.

Extra Tidbit: On "Supernatural", Palicki played the doomed girlfriend of Jared Padalecki.
Source: EW



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