Mortensen and Hoffman?

If Bloody Disgusting is to be believed, Viggo Mortensen (A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE) and Phillip Seymour Hoffman (ALONG CAME POLLY - yeah I know he's done better, but I loved him in that) are set to star alongside each other in 'VANIKORO' for writer/director Xavier Gens (HITMAN). Here's the idea behind the film: The French explorer La Perouse, was wrecked on Vanikoro in 1788. The ship Boussole was destroyed on a reef along with most of the crew. The second ship Astrolabe was also wrecked, but survivors salvaged enough to build a small ship and sailed away. Two survivors remained on the island into the early 1800's. Mortensen has really shown himself a badass through his Cronenberg collaborations, and we all know how great Seymour Hoffman is, since along with your heart and Shakira's hips, Best Actor Oscars don't lie. Anyway, this sounds pretty cool, and even though HITMAN was definitely not Top Ten of the Year material, I actually kinda enjoyed it, and I hear nothing but praise for Gens' FRONTIER(S).
Extra Tidbit: Apparently, Mortensen got so into character during the filming of LOTR, that Peter Jackson referred to him in conversation as Aragorn for over half an hour without him even realising it.
Source: B-D



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