Movies & hockey meet

I love movies, but I have a ton of other hobbies in my life including poker, comic books, hockey and of course, hookers (although I can't really describe that as a "hobby" anymore, since it's now a full-time job). Being Canadian, I can pretty much watch hockey till the cows come home (or until I pass out drunk), although it's always fun to see some further excitement injected into the games like when Alexander Ovechkin scores them pretty goals or when folks like Randy Moller, the Florida Panthers' game announcer, spices his calls up with lines from fun movies like ANCHORMAN, OLD SCHOOL, TROPIC THUNDER, FORREST GUMP, GRAN TORINO and my personal fave, SEVEN ("What's in the box?"). Granted, most of them don't make a lick of sense in the context of a goal, but f*ck that, meng...it's fun!

Extra Tidbit: Film critic Gene Siskel noted that his greatest regret as a critic was giving a mediocre review to SLAP SHOT when it was first released. After viewing it several more times, he grew to like it more and later listed it as one of the greatest American comedy movies of all time.
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