MTV visits Iron Man

IESB.net recently got shut down by Paramount lawyers after posting fan shots of IRON MAN filming nearby. Now MTV is all over the set posting their reports including pics. I guess it pays to be the corporate sister of the movie studio, eh? Well MTV does come back with a pretty nifto report of the IRON MAN set. There's a lot to report (including an easter egg showing off the friendship between Downey's Stark and Microsoft head Bill Gates) but one of the coolest bits came from director Jon Favreau himself. "From what I've seen, one of the most spectacular sequences has Iron Man flying and dog-fighting with F-22 jet fighters." Finally, some action in a superhero movie! I'm getting kinda sick of these comic book flicks that are being turned into romances with a little bit of action thrown in (you know who you are). Their reporter got to witness a scene between Downey, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges as well as what the Iron Man helmet looks like when it's aglow (don't worry it looks nothing like the picture to the right). All told should be some cool stuff. Gee, I wonder if they'll show any of this off at the Comic-Con?... Click here to read the full MTV report and check back for even more on IRON MAN.

Extra Tidbit: What's the movie you're most looking forward to seeing glimpses of at this year's Con?
Source: MTV



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