Netflix HD price hike

A hard fact of life is that higher quality generally comes with a corresponding price tag. Food, booze, drugs, prostitutes -- the better you want, the more you're gonna pay. Now that apparently applies to your DVD rentals as well.

Netflix announced today that they intend to raise their fees for subscribers who want movies on hi-def Blu-Ray discs. Because the Blu DVDs themselves are more expensive, the company will be slapping a premium on accounts that rent Blu-ray movies, with the justification that "consumers are used to paying more for high-definition." No details were given regarding the amount of the increase or its intended implementation date.

A piece of advice to Netflix: if you plan on charging more for the privilege, you'd better exponentially increase your stock of Blu-Ray DVDs so I'm not still waiting well over a month to get the new releases in my queue.

The company already dumped the HD-DVD format along with everyone else in the known universe, and is still planning a set-top on-demand box to be launched some time next year.
Extra Tidbit: Amazon recently gave a $50 credit to any chump who bought an HD-DVD player. Including myself.
Source: Crave



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