New Harry Potter featurette shows us how far we've come

It really is rather hard to believe it's been a decade since the first Harry Potter film. I, and the actors, were essentially children, but here we are all grown up, them acting in their final film and me writing about it for a living. Times change.

It really is impressive to see how this series has evolved, and this new featurette reminds us of that, before throwing us headfirst into some new footage from the final installment, which promises to be, for lack of a better term, epic. I know the internet has hijacked that word for hyperbole, but it really does describe this last chapter.

Personally, I wish this was just smashed together as one six hour movie, but I supposed I'm more diehard than your average tired mom and dad with four kids who won't sit still. Check out the featurette from Yahoo! below:

Extra Tidbit: Ginny Weasley over Hermione? Poor form Harry.
Source: Yahoo!



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