New Haunting clip

People hear noises coming from under their beds and for some odd reason feel compelled to look underneath the dust ruffle. What good could possibly come of that? What would you see under your bed that could possibly make you go, "Phew!" Just get up out of your bed, exit the room, shut the door, get in your car and drive to the nearest police station. Then spend the night at the hotel.

Of course that would make a really terrible movie. What makes for a much better movie is when a hot chick is sleeping, hears a noise under her bed in her already spooky home and gets up to see exactly what the hell is going on. The boys at Arrow in the Head have a new exclusive clip from THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT that goes a little something like that. I'll be honest with you, I kinda blew off this HAUNTING movie when I first heard about it but since then I've been pretty impressed by some of the nasty shit they've managed to pile into a PG-13 movie. Check it out for yourself here!

Extra Tidbit: The film is based on a Discovery channel documentary of the same name.
Source: AITH



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