New Moon preview

Prepare your eye rolling and witty lines, as I bring you news of an exclusive preview of NEW MOON during the MTV Music Awards.

Yes, you heard correctly. Your favorite vampire, werewolf, and vacant brunette are all going to be appearing as well. In addition to possibly another clip of Taylor Lautner taking his shirt off, Death Cab for Cutie will be premiering their new song from the MOON soundtrack, "Meet Me On the Equinox". Should I go ahead and guess that most of you guys aren't Death Cab fans either?

In other related news, tickets for the second story in the TWILIGHT saga are going on sale for some theaters already. There's no doubt in my mind that a lot of the midnight showings for the film will be sold out. Well, that's only if the crazy TWILIGHT girls can go out past curfew. For information on getting your tickets early, check out Fandango.

Well if you're salivating for the MOON preview, you can check it out very soon on September 13th at 9PM. If watching it once wasn't enough, then they will replay it on Sunday, September 20th at 5PM.

Extra Tidbit: I'm sorry that the story isn't about this MOON...I'm excited about it too.
Source: MTVScreenRant



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