New Spy Hunter guy

This probably won't come as a surprise to many: director Paul WS Anderson (AvP, RESIDENT EVIL, MORTAL KOMBAT) has plans to adapt yet another videogame property, the action series SPY HUNTER.

The Universal flick will follow an ex-jet jockey who now uses his nifty high-tech vehicle to track down an outfit of nefarious former espionage agents and a new global threat that requires being shot with lots of missiles. Some incarnation of the Peter Gunn theme better be in there as well.

The project will be rewritten from scratch by Anderson and a partner (there have already been about a half-dozen previous drafts by guys like Zak Penn and Stuart Beattie) and produced by Chuck Gordon, Jeremy Bolt and HITMAN guy Adrian Askarieh. The Rock had long intended to star in the movie, and even loaned his likeness to a videogame meant to tie in with the flick that never materialized. But The Rock is apparently now keen on being more Dwayne Johnson than 'Action Star The Rock', so it remains to be seen if he put his explosive secret agent days behind him.

I'm sort of bored with pig-piling on Anderson, so I'll say this: SPY HUNTER is perhaps the perfect project for him. It's not an especially beloved property, and should grant him ample opportunities for his brand of glossy, shallow filmmaking and focus on snazzy setpieces.
Extra Tidbit: Anderson supposedly added the WS to his name to avoid confusion with the BOOGIE NIGHTS director, but is now confused with RUSHMORE director Wes Anderson. There are certainly worse people to be mistaken for...
Source: Variety



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