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New Toy Story pic


We are getting TOY STORY 3 images as much as we are KICK-ASS character posters this week.

Out of all the stills we've received from TOY STORY 3, this in my opinion is the best. Jessie is showing some interest in Buzz as indicated by the raise of her painted eyebrow. Woody is obviously wondering how the hell this could possibly happen. I'm currently pondering the aspects of a toy love triangle.

Of course Buzz is awesome. He's a macho astronaut voiced by Tim Allen. Then on the other hand you have Woody, the cute sensitive cowboy voiced by the amazing Tom Hanks. I understand why it might be difficult. Does this make Jessie a toy skank? No, cowgirls have needs too.

Okay I need to stop. Click on the pic to get a larger view. Worry about toy romances later.

Extra Tidbit: TOY STORY vs. SHREK. *In my best Brock Sampson voice* Bring it on!!!
Source: /Film



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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