Next for Fleischer?

Ruben Fleischer took a project - ZOMBIELAND - that could've been mired in mediocrity by a lesser director and turned it into a critical and commercial success. As you might expect that has made him the toast of Hollywood as studios clamor to get Fleischer aboard their next film.

While he hasn't made a choice yet, leading the pack is the Will Ferrell comedy DADDY'S HOME. The project, currently set up at Paramount, would star Ferrell as a divorced dad returning to his old house to wreak havoc on his wife's new family and her uptight new husband (Ed Helms). While Ferrell, Helms and Fleischer are all attached to the film, no deals have been made and the project could evaporate as quickly as materialized.

In addition to that project, Fleischer has also met with Fox on the sci-fi comedy NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH and Sony for the Jonah Hill-led 21 JUMP STREET flick (though the latter is considered a remote possibility).

Whatever project he chooses, he's turned himself into a director to make sure to keep an eye on. (And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the same heat should apply to writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.)

Extra Tidbit: ZOMBIELAND has such a good soundtrack. Band of Horses, The Black Keys, Metallica, Willie Nelson...
Source: THR



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