Nic and Pierce go Roman

MTV spoke to Pierce Brosnan who's out doing press for MAMMA MIA!, a movie whose advertisements could not possibly annoy me more. While the topic of how annoying his movie is to a writer in New Jersey didn't come up, he did talk about his next project. He revealed he and Nicolas Cage are set to star in THE GHOST, an upcoming political thriller directed by Roman Polanski. The film will star Brosnan as a former British Prime Minister working on his memoir with a ghostwriter (Cage). When the writer learns information about a scandal surrounding the former PM, he finds himself battling for his own safety. The film is based on the novel by Robert Harris who based the film on Tony Blair and a one-time assertion that he could be prosecuted for war crimes. Cage is currently filming KNOWING for Alex Proyas and will then move on to the BAD LIEUTENANT remake for Warner Herzog. Filming on THE GHOST is expected to begin this fall.

Extra Tidbit: After this movie, can we agree that Nicolas Cage shouldn't star in anymore thrillers?
Source: MTV



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