Norton smokes Grass

Returning to what he does best, Ed Norton has signed on to play polar opposite identical twins in the upcoming comedic thriller LEAVES OF GRASS. In the film Norton will play both twins: one a professor at an Ivy League institution and the other a pot-smoking criminal. The film was written and will be directed by actor Tim Blake Nelson who was Norton's co-star in THE INCREDIBLE HULK(he plays Samuel Sterns before he becomes The Leader). Nelson wrote the part(s) in GRASS specifically for Norton, a fact that wasn't lost on the actor. Says Nelson, "there would have been no second choice" is Norton was unable to star. Norton shot to fame after playing a similar type role in PRIMAL FEAR (and you can even say that his character in AMERICAN HISTORY X was two very different personalities). Norton will film STATE OF PLAY with Russell Crowe first and then will take on GRASS. He can also be seen in the upcoming police drama PRIDE AND GLORY, which is set for release in March.

Extra Tidbit: Nelson previously directed THE GREY ZONE and O.
Source: Variety



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