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Norton talks Avengers


Okay, it's really more that Ed Norton talks around THE AVENGERS, but since Marvel's big-screen team-up is still distant and nebulous, a bit of circumlocution will have to suffice.

When asked about his interest or willingness to return to the Marvel movie universe after his much-reported/exaggerated conflicts on THE INCREDIBLE HULK, Norton gives MTV an evasive "It's purely a function of time. It's always about just working things out on the schedule."

Norton admits that he digs the Marvel flicks' ability to "cross-pollinate" (and mentions how he dropped the Super Serum from Captain America into his HULK script), but he's wisely remaining noncommittal until things start to solidify. (And who can blame him -- it took Marvel a couple of months after IRON MAN opened huge to begin talking with Jon Favreau about a sequel.)

Check out MTV's vid interview with Norton RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: I particularly like his reaction when asked if he'd want to direct AVENGERS -- just an uncomfortable chortle.
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