Noyce hits Cruise control

Philip Noyce (PATRIOT GAMES, CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER) has signed on to direct the Tom Cruise spy drama EDWIN A. SALT. Cruise has been attached to the project since last summer when Terry George (HOTEL RWANDA) was signed to direct. Later in 2007, George left the project to be replaced by Peter Berg (HANCOCK). Now Berg is out as well and Noyce is the man with the plan. In the film Cruise would play a CIA agent framed as a Russian spy who must go on the run and prove his innocence. Before you get too excited about Cruise's next project, know that he hasn't formally committed to SALT yet. Things are looking up, however, because both Noyce and Cruise have parted ways with THE 28TH AMENDMENT (a thriller that would have had Cruise co-starring with Denzel Washington) to focus on SALT. Cruise will be making them laugh (intentionally) this summer with his TROPIC THUNDER cameo and the long-awaited VALKYRIE is due for a February, 2009 release. The actor hasn't set his next project but SALT certainly is a frontrunner. Now if only they could think of a better title...

Extra Tidbit: SALT was written by Kurt Wimmer, who directed the pretty awesome EQUILIBRIUM.
Source: Variety



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