Nutty Professor 3?

In a world where Brett Ratner is prepared to bring me a BEVERLY HILLS COP 4, I don't know that I'm ready for another bad Eddie Murphy sequel. But that looks exactly like what we might get as Universal looks to move forward on a third NUTTY PROFESSOR movie. The studio in currently developing the film and has put out an open call to writers to pitch them a concept for a third film. They were quick to caution that Murphy himself is not attached at all in this early stage and would only come aboard dependent on the writer, director, script, etc. Truthfully, the smart thing to do would be to not come aboard no matter what. The first NUTTY PROFESSOR was genius (the first Eddie Murphy one, not the first Jerry Lewis one) but the second was just an obvious attempt to cash in. And if NORBIT taught us anything, it's that Eddie Murphy in a fat suit isn't always funny. And how far can we take the Professor Klump character? In the second one he was trying to find the secret to eternal youth. What could he possibly be searching for in a sequel?...

Extra Tidbit: Hard to believe that Murphy's NUTTY PROFESSOR came out 12 years ago.
Source: Variety



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