Oldboy, no Newboy

Universal had been in the process of remaking deservedly acclaimed Korean film OLDBOY for American audiences, with director Justin Lin (FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT) given the significant challenge of adapting Park Chan-wook’s dizzying and brutal revenge tale. But has he given up and thrown in the hammer?

While at Sundance with his new movie FINISHING THE GAME, Lin told Bloody Disgusting that he doesn’t want to disrespect the original and would only agree to proceed with the remake if everything gelled to his satisfaction, which is sort of a sly way of saying it probably won’t happen. Maybe he saw the hilariously awful Bollywood remake (called ZINDA), and decided the original is better left alone.

OLDBOY follows a man seeking payback when he's released from a mysterious 15-year captivity, sending him on a hammer-wielding, squid-eating rampage.
Extra Tidbit: While promoting NATIONAL TREASURE in Korea, actor Nic Cage publicly declared his interest in starring in the OLDBOY remake, as well as his love of kimchi.



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