Olivia Wilde joins Daniel Craig in Cowboys vs. Aliens

The first time I had heard of Olivia Wilde, it was for the failed biblical comedy YEAR ONE (I'm not a big TV guy otherwise I would've known she's been starring on "House" for the past four years). While about a total of 10 people saw YEAR ONE in theaters, that hasn't stopped Wilde's star from rising. She'll be seen later this year in TRON: LEGACY and she's just landed her biggest role to date.

Wilde has signed on to co-star with Daniel Craig in the upcoming sci-fi/adventure flick COWBOYS VS. ALIENS. The actress will play Ella who joins up with Craig's gunslinger to help fight off an alien attack. The behind-the-scenes credits feature a veritable who's-who of fanboy talent: Jon Favreau is directing from a script by Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (STAR TREK) with Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard producing for DreamWorks.

If you'll remember, Robert Downey, Jr. had long been attached to star in the film but recently dropped out to focus his attention on another budding franchise and the sequel SHERLOCK HOLMES 2. For more on Ms. Wilde, you can check out her profile page at MovieHotties.com.

Extra Tidbit: So in two years time, DreamWorks will have made movies titled MONSTERS VS. ALIENS and COWBOYS VS. ALIENS. What do they have against aliens??
Source: THR



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