Orson Welles teaser

Zac Efron is growing up. It seems like just yesterday I was watching him flashdance on a golf course on the Disney Channel, but now here he is wearing big boy clothes in a real, live feature film. Yes, he was in HAIRSPRAY, but wasn’t that really just HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL set in the ‘60s?

In any case, his new project is ME AND ORSON WELLES, where no, he’s not playing a young Orson Welles. Instead, that role goes to the excellent Christian McKay, while Efron, (the “me” in the title) is a young teenager cast in his production of "Julius Caesar."

Below you’ll find a short teaser trailer for the project, which hasn’t been picked up for distribution yet. This is surprising, considering all they’d really have to do is say “Zac Efron” and that should cue at least a few million pre-teen girls to run to the theater with $10 in their hands. The guy could be playing a young Charles Manson and they’d still show up in droves.

Extra Tidbit: Yes, I know Efron was also in 17 AGAIN. I’m actually interested to see him in THE DEATH AND LIFE OF CHARLIE ST. CLOUD which is his first project that (should) involve no singing or dancing.
Source: JoBlo



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