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I try to have a little fun with all of the red carpet pictures at the Oscars every other year, and since I'm still single and bored these days, I decided to give it another go. If you simply want to gaze at the very lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen pictures from last evening, CLICK HERE and head on over to MovieHotties.com for a TON of pictures from the red carpet, the behind-the-scenes and eventually even the parties. Aaaaaah yes, the parties, the glitz, the glamour...the handjobs. I wish I was in showbiz, man. Sigh.

Oscar Pics Fun: 2006 / 2004 / 2003

Spider-Man 8...when Peter Parker fights the bottle!!!

I know this might be a little "cliche" to say on this site, but honestly folks, how can anyone look at Viggo Mortensen's awesome beard and NOT want to build a hut in it?? I mean, even just for the summertimes, you know? Great man...even greater beard!!

No jokes here, just a really great looking lady!!

And speaking of great looking ladies, what the hell's Javier Bardem doing running after Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey and Tom Cruise's leftovers? (i.e. Penelope Cruz) Dude's got it going on!! Move on, friend-o!

This type of picture is always difficult on me because I'm never sure who to fantasize about first: the gorgeous Diane Lane or the studly Josh Brolin. And I'm not even gay, man!!!

Speaking of 'being gay", I think it goes without saying that had I been gay, I would give this man a "clean handjob". In fact, you know what...this dude is just too charismatic...I'll give him hand even as a hetero!!!

I swear this chick has given me a lapdance before....

Every year, I make a joke about Cameron Diaz either being on coke or looking skanky, but this year, with the picture above in play, I think we can all agree that I can make no such distinction: she's on coke and skanky this time around! WHAT THE EFF?? Get back together with Timberlake, girlfriend...boyfriend was keeping you young.

The stubbly beard, the flowing hair, the great looks...we get it, dude...you're BETTER than us...now f*ck off already!!

Even with his hair hanging in front of his face, Johnny Depp remains the best looking (and coolest) man on the face of this planet, and perhaps on a few other planets as well...depending on how they gauge "looks", of course.

Donnie f*ckin' Osmond was at the Oscars?? Straight up, guys...how does this happen? I mean...c'mon!!!!

Remember this chick? She won "American Idol" or some shit, then won an Academy Award for "Best Supporting Actress" last year and since then...well, since then.... Well okay, she hasn't done SHITE since then, but at least she looks good in her mumu dress above, right? Right?!?!

Just like last year's winner for "Best Actress", Marion Cotillard apparently isn't just an amazing actress, but...BABY'S GOT BACK!! Appelle moi chez moi!

Now either Nicole Kidman is really, really tall or she just digs on short guys. Whatever the case, once this "Urban" thing passes, gimme a call, Kid...I'm a shrimp (and I don't mean just in my pants!)

I ain't much of a "fashion connaisseur", I mean...my idea of dressing up is wearing a WHITE shirt with my BLACK pants, but is it really a good idea to wear an ultra-red dress on an ultra-red carpet? I don't know. Then again, neither of these hot blondes would walk across the street to spit on my hair, were it on fire, so God knows my words don't mean much here.

Go Canada!!! (Sarah Polley representin')

Never in my lifetime did I think that I would see the day that I would state (without kidding) that a man wearing two pirates earrings would ever look even remotely "cool", but f*ck me sideways, Mr. Lewis, you are cool and continue to be cool, with or without the earrings. Wow. And check out that bed of hair. I'd drink that milkshake.

First Donnie f*ckin' Osmond, now this chick from that "Dancing" show??? What the eff is going on at these Oscars? The next thing you know, JoBlo.com will be covering the red carpet. Seriously though...give us the creds, man...we'll do a super job, yo!!

I love the Rock, and I love Dwayne Johnson, but something about this picture above is just....scary. His mouth looks like it's taking up 3/4 of his face. Great man though.

Again, no joke to make here, folks...just a very good looking woman. Audrey Hepburn-esque. I said it. Call me!

That's right, that's right...they bad, they bad! Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill hit the red carpet with babes in tow and give geeks worldwide hope of making it there one day as well (as long as they have talent like the two gents, of course).

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