Paranormal and Saw teams combining for low budget Insidious

Two of the most prominent teams in low-budget horror are combining for a new project. The two guys behind the original SAW, James Wan and Leigh Whannell, are about to film a new horror film series on the cheap (at least five films long), and it’s being produced by PARANORMAL’s Oren Peli, Jason Blum and Steven Schneider. Throw some BLAIR WITCH alumns in there, and you’ve got yourself a stew!

The first project in the series is called INSIDIOUS and it was formerly known as THE FURTHER which was said to be about “a young family that makes the terrifying discovery that the body of their comatose boy has become a magnet for malevolent entities, while his consciousness lies trapped in the dark and insidious realm known as The Further.” But it is possible plot details have changed since this was first reported.

Wan says the idea is to take a traditional haunted house movie and “flip it on its head.” I feel like THE OTHERS sort of did that, but I’m interested in what Wan means by that. Whatever the case, most will agree with the original SAW was groundbreaking in a lot of ways for the genre, and PARANORMAL was pretty decent as well. I’ll be interested to see what the melting pot comes up with.

Extra Tidbit: As cool as it was to see Jigsaw get off the floor in Saw I, why was it in any way necessary for him to be there?
Source: Variety



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