Paranormal parodies


When something small gets really-really big, like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, it tends to attract lots of imitators, detractors and of course parodies. A few of those appeared on the net yesterday, so let's have a look.

First off is THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS who are using the PARANORMAL phenomenon to complete their marketing campaign before opening in theaters this coming Friday. I'll let you discover it for yourselves right down here, but I'll just say it's probably my favorite trailer this year! AND it's not fan-made - that thing is genuinely part of the film's marketing!

Then comes "Normal Activity", a fan-made parody from the folks of Big Shiny Robot and a guy named Marcus from Last Comic Standing. Kinda funny, in a potty-humor way. I'll let y'all be the judge.

And finally, Showcase Entertainment who acquired the rights to an indie thriller called "Walking Distance" just realized that their film contains Katie Featherston from PARANORMAL and decided to cash in on her; the film is being re-titled EXPERIMENTAL ACTIVITIES, I kid you not. It centers on a small town subjected to medical experiments by the government. Really lame move if you ask me, but it'll also probably work.

Extra Tidbit: How long before it becomes the centerpiece for the next SCARY MOVIE entry?



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