Patrick Warburton to be cast in new Amazon Tick series in unspecified role

My love of The Tick has been well-documented. Well that love has just grown even more, as it's been announced that none other than Patrick Warburton - who originally played The Tick in the 2001 live-action series - has been tapped to play an unspecified role in the Amazon TICK reboot. 

Announced at New York Comic-Con, creator Ben Edlund - who's been the creative force behind all iterations of The Tick (including the comic-book) had this to say about Warburton's casting: “There will be some comment on The Tick, because he was The Tick.

The speculation is that he'll play a character named Barry Hubris, who was a superhero who also had a "tick" theme to his costume and called himself The Tick. He was mentally unstable, and fought the real Tick on multiple occassions so he could be the "one, true" Tick-themed superhero. If this character were to be introduced in the live-action series, it would be fun little meta-commentary. But take that with a grain of salt for now.

All that we know for certain is that Amazon picked up THE TICK reboot in September, with hopes of streaming it sometime in 2017, and that Warburton will have some kind of role in it. That's good enough for now.

What do you guys think? Sound awesome, or super awesome? And, if not Barry, who do you think Warburton could play from THE TICK universe?


Extra Tidbit: Barry was first introduced in THE TICK comic book in issue #11 on August, 1992.
Source: AV Club



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