Pele: The Movie

Being from England and having played the game professionally for a year in my youth, this story might resonate more with me than most of you guys who call the beautiful game 'soccer'. That said, WMA have signed 'soccer' legend, Pele for representation and are now preparing a biopic about his life.

In general, the game of 'soccer' has progressed a lot since his day and even though he was considered probably the most skilfull player of his generation, a lot of those skills have become obsolete or at the very least overshadowed by new techniques. However, it's likely that nothing will ever overshadow or even come close to the inspiration the man gave to countless 'soccer' fans. A mind-blowing example of this was when notoriously, a 48 hour cease-fire took place in the middle of a bloody civil war in Nigeria so that people could watch him play.

WMA president, Dave Wirtschafter commented that he "look(ed) forward to helping him (Pele) develop his already global brand throughout the entertainment and sports communities." Hopefully this will be a better movie than the Will Ferrell comedy KICKING AND SCREAMING.
Extra Tidbit: Pele was only 17 when he participated in his first World Cup.



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