Penelope Cruz has Von Trier's Melancholia?

A girl that hot should never be gloomy. However, it's being said that she has the lead role in Lars Von Trier's upcoming flick MELANCHOLIA.

Would this make her happy? Probably not. Von Trier's has been known to put his leading ladies through some rough emotional torture. Actress like Bjork, Nicole Kidman, Emily Watson, and Bryce Dallas Howard have never returned to work for the director again. The only one who seemed to be unaffected was Charlotte Gainesbourg, which is rather odd because in my opinion I would have been f*cked up from that role the most.

Various media sources in Europe are actually reporting that Von Trier told Danish television that he always had Cruz in mind and that she will in fact lead the film, which explores the psychology view of a disaster. The title is taken from Planet Melancholia, a gigantic planet that apparently looms threateningly close to Earth. The script is written by the director is more of a psychological drama with sci-fi-ish elements. Von Trier's also noted that there will be no more happy endings. So don't be surprised if MELANCHOLIA'S end makes you want to crawl in a hole and die.

Shooting will take place later this year in Germany and Sweden on a $5 million dollar budget. Von Trier's is aiming to get this film at Cannes in 2011.

Extra Tidbit: Von Trier's promises that no male genitals will be harmed during the filming of MELANCHOLIA.
Source: The Playlist



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