Preview: Hot Fuzz

I’ll admit it; I’m a huge fan of SHAUN OF THE DEAD. It was one of those films that I can watch several times and still not get sick of. It was satisfying on all accounts, whether you are into horror or comedy; it even had a little human drama thrown in. And it made me a fan of everyone involved. So when JoBlo.com was invited to check out an advanced screening of Edgar Wright’s new flick HOT FUZZ, it was my honor to see it.

Many times a great film will come out and get all sorts of good press and drive audiences crazy and then the next picture from that same director will just suck. Well, I’m happy to report that HOT FUZZ did not suck, in fact, it excelled in everything. You want action… check. You want funny… check. You want horror… check. Hell, you want gore…you guessed it… check. This is one of those rare flicks that kicks arse on every level; it makes going to the movies fun and it’s a bloody good time.

Edgar Wright loves movies and he successfully plays on that as well as anyone possibly could. What SHAUN OF THE DEAD did for zombie flicks, the Fuzz does for action in a big way. But the most exciting thing about it is how surprising it is. So to tell you much more than it’s a cop flick gives too much away. And of course Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, back from the dead, are in top form along with the rest of the incredible cast.

Thank you Edgar Wright for loving movies and for making them fun again. When HOT FUZZ opens in the US on April 13th, go see it opening weekend; and then go see it again… many times. I know I will.

Source: JoBlo.com



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