Princess trailer

I'd never heard of this film until I read about it today but it looks like it might be something to look out for. PRINCESS is a Danish manga animation by co-writer/director Anders Morganthaler that seems to have equal parts bloody violence and pornography: OK in my book! It came out last year, but it's getting it's DVD release and here's the skinny: Due to his sister's death, August abandons his profession as a missionary priest. His sister Christina, who went from greatness to decay as the famous porn-star The Princess, is dead after years of drug abuse. She leaves behind her 5-year old daughter Mia, whom August feels obliged to take care of. Hating that the small child is exposed constantly to her mother's videos, he takes Mia on a mission to destroy all existing pornographic material featuring The Princess. The mission escalates into a brutal and bloody violence. You can check the trailer out over HERE at the film's website. There's tons of additional information over there too.
Extra Tidbit: Live action footage was used for the pornographic video scenes.
Source: Filmstalker



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