Radcliffe Speaks!

The fantastic New York Times-based TimesTalks podcast series featured Mr. Potter himself on Tuesday night, and with all the controversy swirling around the franchise's latest installment, you can bet the bespeckled actor had a lot to say. Here are some highlites:

- Dan said that of the Half-Blood Prince move from November 2008 to July 2009, he was told about it 24 hours before the rest of the world, and begs everyone not to blame him for the move.

- About Half-Blood Prince Dan says that the parts with Dumbledore and Voldemort are the darkest, while the scenes with Ron are the funniest yet; he also mentions that Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown) was really great to work with.

- Dan talked about a particular incident on the Half-Blood Prince set, where Rupert had his first kiss with Jessie, and Dan was in the background of the scene laughing and trying to get Rupert to break out from character and laugh as well.

- Dan addressed how Emma Watson was hesitant about signing up for the final films, and her reason for doing so was not because she did not want to, but because of her education and the need to evaluate what her options were, especially since the last Harry Potter films would require another three years of their lives. Emma chose not to rush into the decision, but her reason was not because she did not want to.

- Deathly Hallows will go as planned, despite the Half-Blood Prince move, where it will start production February 2009 and will shoot for around 14 months.

- He said with Deathly Hallows, he is looking forward to the walk through the forest (chapter 34), rather than the fighting sequences; and that in the script for the film Sirius is in it, so there is a chance he will have another scene with Gary Oldman.

Read more of Radcliffe's interview HERE.
Extra Tidbit: If you haven't yet checked out the TimesTalks series, do so immediately. Featured guests include Robert Redford, Bill Murray, The Weinsteins, and Owen and Luke Wilson among others.
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