Rambo 4 title

We know that veteran war machine John J. Rambo is soon coming out of a nearly twenty-year retirement to once again expend copious amounts of ammunition and gouge various humans with his oversized knife, but in exactly what movie will he be doing it?

Previous working titles for RAMBO IV have included HOLY WAR, IN THE SERPENT’S EYE and the more recent PEARL OF THE COBRA, but Stallone is apparently jettisoning all previous subtitles and simplifying. While touring the land Down Under, Stallone has been telling press that he’s following the similarly inspired title scheme of ROCKY BALBOA and just calling this one... JOHN RAMBO.

Much like he did with BALBOA, Sly is directing his own damn self in the movie. And in addition to executive producing and wearing the headband and mullet, Stallone also wrote the screenplay (supposedly based on an novel, though the script has reportedly been reworked extensively). Aside from the just-announced Matthew Marsden (TAMARA, DOA), other casting doesn’t seem 100% solidified just yet, but it’s probably safe to assume Talia Shire won’t be in this one either.
Extra Tidbit: Stallone has made guest appearances on the TV series LAS VEGAS, playing an enforcer nicknamed "The Repairman".
Source: Moviehole.net



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